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Business Listing Content Guidelines

Our users can publish various types of content, including business information, exciting places, reviews, events, photos, videos, tips, and much more. Ethical behavior is not rocket science, but just in case, check out the general rules.

Inappropriate Content

Expressive, colorful language is ok, but there is no need for bullying, hate speech, threats, harassment, debauchery, and other displays of filth.

Conflict of Interest

Your contribution must be objective. For example, you, your friends and relatives, should not write good reviews about your own business or bad feedbacks about your employer or competitors. You should not ask customers to write reviews about your business.


Please make sure that the information you add is up to date. Time to time check your listing and delete outdated information.


Do not publish personal information about other people. Please do not post photos or videos of other partners or employees without their permission. Do not release the full names of other people (partners, employees) without their consent.

Intellectual Property

Don’t copy (under no circumstances) content from other sites or users. Please write your own reviews and post your own photos and videos.


Passionate and personal are the very best reviews. They cover a rich story, many details, and helpful tips for other users. Consumers want to hear about your personal experiences, not what you heard from other people. Tell your own story, without generalizations and irrefutable accusations. Your opinion matters, feel free to express it, but do not distort or exaggerate your experience.

Photo and Video

Listing videos and photos should be relevant to the business (or area if you contribute to “places” or “Beach” directory). Use your own or specially made for you (could be a friend or professional photographer) photos and videos. Don’t copy media from the internet. It’s unethical and against the law.

User profile

Use your profile to let people know who you are and why they can trust you. Consumers want to be sure that a real person is behind the business. Users want to read reviews from people they can trust, not from dummies whose profiles are empty or contain inappropriate content.

Explore Ireland User Profile Guidelines

Use your common sense, and everything will be fine!