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Content Guidelines for Places

Share scenic places

The category “Places” is for everyone to share public places, wild nature spots, lost sites, and everything worth visiting.

Also, we have a pre-filled category “Beaches.” If the place is not claimed, you can “claim” it and, when approved – fulfill the information. If we missed some beach, please create a new listing and add it to the directory.

Content Guides For Places To Visit

Avoid duplicate content

Places (not business listings) we list under “first come, first served” policy. Before you add a place, please make sure that it is not on the Xeire directory already (just search for its name).

If the place is already listed, don’t submit a duplicate. You can contribute by rating and reviewing the area. Alongside review, you can upload your photos.

If the place is not on Xeire, submit your listing, and if accepted, we will assign it to you as a claimed listing.

Force majeure

If at first we somehow miss that the same place is already listed and accept another one, when detected, we will remove the newest listing under “first come, first served” policy.

Claimed listing

Listings of new places will be marked as “claimed” and assigned to the person who submitted it. The only duplicate claimed listing is acceptable if after your listing is approved, the municipality decides to add locations listing with official information. In this case, both yours and municipality’s listings will be kept and marked as “claimed.”

Avoid listing businesses

Even if the place is not listed and we accept it just to provide complete information to our users, to avoid duplicates, we will remove it if later it’s claimed by the business owner. See below the examples of business/nonbusiness places.

Content Guides For Places To Visit

People’s Park in Limerick city. It’s a lovely public park with a playground. Often it hosts different events. At the edge of the park is the Limerick City Gallery of Art. Zest! Café is located within the Gallery and serves delicious coffee and tasty cakes. If you list the People’s Park, we will not remove your listing even if later the Zest! Café will register their business, Limerick City Gallery of Art theirs, and some organisation will list their event. Your listing is safe because you listed a public place not directly owned by some business.


The Great Telescope at Birr Castle in County Offaly. Probably you are bewitched by a telescope and see nothing else around. It is not a good idea to list The Great Telescope as a place to visit because, alongside beautiful gardens, treehouse, and science centre, the telescope belongs to Birr Castle’s business. Even if previously accepted, we’ll remove your listing as soon as Birr Castle lists their business on the Xeire directory.

Required content

1. Location. No worries if you don’t know the address. There is an option to drop a pin on the map of the area.
2. Images. To avoid copyright infringement, use only photos you own.
3. Description. Let people know why this place is special.

It would be good to add a YouTube video, but don’t worry if you can’t. The video and other features are optional.

If still in doubt, please contact us.

We can’t thank you enough for your contribution!

May good luck be your friend in whatever you do and may trouble be always a stranger to you!