I’m from the Emerald Isle – Eminem [AI Music] – Artificial Intelligence Created Lyrics, Illustrations, and Voice


“I’m from the Emerald Isle, where we like to drink beer,” Eminem sings. Of course, it’s not Eminem. It’s AI music, a song created using artificial intelligence. Actually, all elements in the video except beats, are created by AI, or to be precise, using AI software. 

Noob’s Experiment

Of course, it’s not a song, not a masterpiece, even not a piece. It’s a noob’s first try, an experiment. All I wanted was to create a video using Artificial Intelligence. Illustrations are made by DALL-E 2, lyrics written by AI Jasper, Eminem’s voice created by the Uberduck, and beats are taken from Pixabay.

I’m from Emerald Isle – AI Music Video

DALL-E 2 Illustrations

🔗 DALL-E Illustrations

DALL-E 2 is an AI program that can generate completely new images from textual prompts. For example, when given the prompt “a dog eating a pizza,” DALL-E 2 will create an image with a dog and pizza in it.

What’s more impressive is that DALL-E 2 is not limited to realistic images; it can also generate abstract or surrealistic ones. This ability to combine unrelated objects in semantically plausible ways makes DALL-E 2 a powerful tool for artists and designers. And as DALL-E 2 continues to learn, it will only become more adept at creating images that defy our expectations.

Emerald Isle oil painting
Prompt: “Emerald Isle oil painting”
3D render of a pint of beer in front and partying Irish crowd in the background
Prompt: “3D render of a pint of beer in front and partying Irish crowd in the background”
A pencil and watercolor drawing of Leprechaun riding a unicorn
Prompt: “A pencil and watercolor drawing of Leprechaun riding a unicorn”
People having fun in an Irish pub
Prompt: “People having fun in an Irish pub”
A painting of two fairies drinking beer
Prompt: “A painting of two fairies drinking beer”

Lyrics – AI Jasper

🔗 AI Jasper

The lyrics were my least favorite part. Why? Because even Artificial Intelligence has a prejudice that the Irish are drunkards and brawlers (images I created after lyrics). There were three tries.

First Try

Command: >write funny lyrics about Irish life

I’m from the land of green,
Where the beer is always cold,
And the women are always hot,
And the men are always strong,
We like to drink and fight and dance all night,
If you step to us you’re gonna get a knuckle sandwich.

Second Try

Command: >write funny friendly lyrics about Irish life

We’re the boys from the Emerald Isle,
Living life in a drunken stupor,
Our women are the fairest of them all,
And our pubs are always open.

We love to sing and dance and fight,
And chase after pretty girls all night.

Third Try

Command: >write funny friendly lyrics in Eminem style about Irish life – having fun and enjoying life

I’m from the Emerald Isle
where we like to drink beer.
We always have a blast
no matter what the year.

We love to celebrate all
of life’s little pleasures.
We never take things
too seriously.

So come on over to our place
we’ll show you a good time.
We guarantee you won’t be
disappointed when you
experience the Irish way.

I’m from the Emerald Isle
where we like to drink beer.
We always have a blast
no matter what the year.

Sure, I could generate a whole song, but as it was an experiment, and I didn’t know how it will come out, I generated a short one.

Eminem’s Voice by Uberduck

🔗 Eminem’s Voice

AI Music

The Uberduck app converts text to speech. While that’s nothing new, Uberduck also makes the text sound like it is being read by a celebrity or even a fictional character. It’s great for making jokes and entertaining your friends. So, if you’re looking for a way to add some excitement to your reading, or just want to have some fun with your friends, be sure to check out the Uberduck.

Eminem AI Voice by Uberduck
Eminem – AI Music Video

Beats by Pixabay Music

🔗 Beats

Pixabay is a great source of free stuff – images, illustrations, videos, and also music. The beats I took from there.

Pieces Created by Others

As I said, my work is nothing special, it’s just a noob’s experiment. But there are people who can create really great things with AI. Here are some examples:

“New” Nirvana song – Drowned In The Sun by Good Luck Chuck

It’s been 27 years since Kurt Cobain died tragically at the age of 27. During that time, his band Nirvana has become one of the most influential rock bands of all time, and their music continues to resonate with fans around the world. Now, thanks to the power of artificial intelligence, Kurt Cobain has been resurrected in a way. A new song, titled “Drowned in the Sun,” has been created using AI, and it features Cobain’s likeness and voice.

Drowned In The Sun – AI Music Video

Eminem – Say No To Drugs by 30 Hertz

Although the audio in this video may sound like it was recorded by Eminem, it is actually synthesized. This means that the sound was created using a computer program rather than being recorded from an actual performance. While some viewers may be disappointed to learn that the audio is not real, others may appreciate the skill that went into creating the synthetic sound.

Say No To Drugs – AI Music Video

What A Dreamy Journey by DGSpitzer

It took ten days for the artist to “watch” Artificial Intelligence drawing a music video from scratch, and the result turned out to be…

Dreamy Journey – AI Music Video


With AI becoming more sophisticated every day, it’s no wonder that we are starting to see its influence on content creation. If you want to create engaging content or just have some fun with your audience, consider using AI-generated illustrations, lyrics, or even voiceovers. The sky is the limit when it comes to the possibilities of this technology.

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