Enclosed Shower Cabins

An enclosed shower cabin is a type of shower that offers a variety of features, such as massage jets and heated seats, to make your bathing experience more luxurious. Enclosed shower cabins are typically made from ceramic or acrylic, and they can be installed in a number of different ways, including recessed into the wall or freestanding. Many enclosed hydromassage shower cabins also come with built-in lighting and speakers, so you can enjoy a truly relaxing experience.

Buying Enclosed Shower Cabin

Believe it or not, buying an enclosed shower cabin in Ireland is not that easy. One day, my friend and I decided to go to the store and buy such a cabin because due to the specifics of the room, we needed exactly an enclosed shower cabin. After visiting several stores, we realized that in regular home improvement stores such cabins are not available.

Of course, we asked the salesman if they have enclosed shower cabins, to which he made big eyes and replied that such a thing does not exist. This amused me since 10 years ago I was a distributor of such shower cabins. I won’t name this well-known store chain because I understand perfectly well that this is just the salesman’s incompetence and has nothing to do with the store owner.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy installation.
  • Ideal for already finished rooms.
  • Provides a truly relaxing experience.
Could be Better
  • Usually cannot be delivered on the same day. Often can be bought only online.

If you’re looking for a way to pamper yourself and improve your bathroom at the same time, an enclosed shower cabin could be the perfect solution. Not only will you be able to enjoy all the benefits of a massage, but you’ll also have a beautiful and stylish addition to your bathroom. Whether you choose a freestanding model or one that’s recessed into the wall, an enclosed hydromassage shower cabin is sure to give you years of enjoyment.


Shower HeadStandard shower head + large central showerhead in the ceiling
Hydro Massage JestsYes. The quantity depends on the model.
VentilationYes, for most of the models.
StereoYes, for most of the models.
LightingYes, for most of the models.
There are many models of enclosed showers, so read the specification for a specific model.

Where to Buy

First of all, check local suppliers. Perhaps there is a supplier in your area who can also provide installation. If you haven’t found any then below is a list of shower cabins you can purchase on Amazon UK as they ship shower cabins to Ireland too.

Toronto enclosed shower cabin

Toronto 90×90 cm

A futuristic shower of the last generation at a price finally accessible to everyone.
Amazon UK
Enclosed Shower Cabins

Taormina 100×70 cm Best Price

Shower with seat, multistage mixer, stereo, ventilation, waterjets, dual function whirlpool jets, large central showerhead, and more.
Amazon UK
Virginia enclosed shower cabin

Virginia 100×100 cm

Excellent quality. You can sit in a very comfortable and relaxing seat while massaging your back.
Amazon UK


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