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Irish Land

Ireland the Country

There’s an old Irish saying that goes, “if it’s not raining; it’s about to rain,” and if you’ve been to Ireland you’ll know how true this is. It does have a wet climate, but it is what it is, and it does not take anything away from this beautiful and exciting country. You’ll be blown away by how much this country has to offer a visitor, and no amount of research will quite prepare you for what you experience in Ireland.

The Separation of Ireland

Ireland consists of Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland. Northern Ireland compasses the Province of Ulster, and it comprises nine counties, being Londonderry (Derry), Antrim, Down, Tyrone, Armagh, Fermanagh, Cavan, Monaghan, and Donegal. To find out more about the separation of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, one can read the very concise history found here.

It’s also hard to acquaint Ireland with being an island, but it is. It’s the second-largest island in the British Isles, and it is the twentieth-largest island on Earth. Much of that land is sparse. The population sits at just under five million people (4,904 million to be more precise), and of that, 1,4 million people live in the capital city of Dublin. Cities and towns are bustling, while farmlands and the countryside are generally quiet with low population numbers.

Dublin the City

Dublin is an incredible city. The capital of the Republic of Ireland is on Ireland’s east coast at the mouth of the River Liffey. Its historic buildings include Dublin Castle, dating to the 13th century, and the incredible St Patrick’s Cathedral, founded in 1191.

Facts about Ireland - Dublin
Facts About Ireland

Dublin is found in the Leinster Province and comprises the counties of Carlow, Dublin, Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois, Longford, Louth, Meath, Offaly, Westmeath, Wexford, and Wicklow. Due to Dublin’s presence, Leinster has the largest population of the four provinces of Ireland.

Connacht Province on the west coast has some fantastic beaches and is the part of the country that has impressive surfing and surf tourism. It’s Donegal falling under the Republic Of Ireland’s section of the Ulster province that has some of the best beachfront real estates, with beautiful bays and beaches littering this stretch of the coastline. The central counties in Connacht are Galway, Leitrim, Mayo, Roscommon, and Sligo, with Sligo revealing beautiful beaches and waves around Easkey.

The Irish Craic

The people of Ireland are hardy folk with a pleasant nature about them, and the Irish craic is the stuff of legends. Craic translates in an urban dictionary as “fun and enjoyment, mixed in with music and alcohol.” Hence the questions, “how’s the craic?” and “where’s the craic?” They’re intermingled with the general dialogue of specific segments of the Irish community so that you know what they’re talking about if you visit.

Facts About Ireland - Cobh
Facts About Ireland

Down at the bottom of Ireland is the province of Munster, with rugged coastlines and some well-known counties. County Clare and Cork are renowned for their beautiful yet stark bays and beaches, while counties Limerick and Tipperary are famous for entirely different reasons. County Limerick is an ancient place with a long and convoluted history. There is evidence in Limerick of a human settlement from over 5000 years ago. Known as Lough Gur, it is one of the most significant archaeological places in Ireland. It contains ancient dolmen and other early remains.

It is a Long Way to Tipperary

Tipperary is world-famous for the marching song ‘It’s a Long Way To Tipperary’ used by British soldiers during the first world war. Other counties in Munster include Kerry and Waterford.

Facts About Ireland - County Kerry
Facts About Ireland

So there is a lot more to Ireland than potatoes, rain, and Guinness and with 3172 kilometres of coastline, it is a place that is begging to be visited.

In closing, another famous Irish saying is that ‘Life is like a cup of tea; it’s all in how you make it. What the Irish believe is how you live your life is a result of what you do in it, and that’s a perfect reason for us to have a look at our own lives.

Irish Land

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